Al Bashair co.
The companys main branch is situated in baghdad (iraq), we also have a dubai (uae). We are construction and trading company. big stores disturbute to other smaller companys, take electrical contracts from the goverment so need products for our also. ….
Address:Al Nahda
Our company working inside iraqi markets, as a leading trading ang conturacting, doing lott of business, in supplying the markets with goods machinery and automative. Inaddition it is specilaze big conturacts water treatments, pipelines oilfields projects, we have very good names insde markets. ….
Address:Alkatheraa -m639-z5-h19
AL HAFIZ for Trading agencies Ltd.
AL hafiz company specialized in general trading&trading agencies, most of our business is in iraq&midle east countries. We already import furniture, industrial equipment, raw materials, used medical equipment and export leather, dates, chemicals.
Address:Karrad Dakhel-Saba
Dorat Al-shimal Trading Company
We are three companies called: Alwalid groupe. 1-shorsh construction company ltd. 2-dort al-shimal trading 3-sahara engineering service 4-alwalid solid stone factory. have skillfull eng high educated and long term experiance working in the North of Iraq mosul city. ….
Address:Aldawasa Kharij
Al-Ruken Al-Thehabi
We are a pioneer in our fields, company established 1995 as an ice cream manufacturer. After that production were enlarged to include food packaging, specially beverages. commonly deal with local marketing due the great demands for products. The location give it very famous reputation and we got ….
Address:Aruba Q.
Rokn Al Dali
Our company interesting mainly in the construction componentsFor all types of buildings & services realated to it.Also it is dealing with energy materials electric specialy for high voltage.Also foods what to. ….
Address:AL Waziria Street.
Rezgar for General Constructions
Address:112 Al-Mansoor
The national factory
No profile.
Ikleel Trading Company
We are a company located in Iraq, and we are in the hotel amenities business we supply hotels with shampoo, soap, matches, sugar bags, salt bags, tooth brush and paste. Each item will have the logo of the hotel or restaurant on it..
venus general trading company
We are a general trading company, have many clients in Iraq and Syria, have the agency for air con part from Thailand,and the regionalrepresentative of trading company in china,we have good customers for food industry also..
Toward Trading Techniques
We are toward trading techniques work in IraqWe deals mainly with iraqi ministries and have main branches in iraqi markets for import materials from middle eastWe wish to great real business with alibaba members.
Address:Ashar St.
Nakhla Baghdad
We are very appreciate to have the chance introduce nakhla Baghdad one of Nakhla Group Companies for importing medical equipment and medicine business, Our company registered in commercial ministry Iraqi (MOH) also registration EMARAT UAE IN JABEL ALI FREE ZONE, we deal with health executed many tender ….
Address:Kurdistan / Sulimania
sahar fadhel&co ,baghdad,iraq
Address:p. o. box3144
Thualnoon Company for trading and contracting
Thualnoon. Is an iraqi company we have been in the business of supplying motors and heavy equipment to public private sector industries for last seven years. close some decision-makers most important ministries, such as ministry oil, industry, works. ….
Address:Q-865 S-48 H-14
We are trading company from BAGHDAD Iraq we have good lines with many in china. More than 70% our buying buy YIWU. hope all ways find for make busniss him. This Established 2008 but before big may friend yiwu now BAGHDAD. ….
Address:Baghdadbab Sharggeybab Sharggey
Our company is a trading company in Iraq and its a good reputation in buying / selleing so many varaity of electronic products as well as electrical motors and other electrical products as well as air conditioning devices and medical instruments.
Address:Baroon St
Share company for General contracts
Our Vision is to establish a long term cooperation with any abroad firm who are looking for strategic investment in field of business Iraq specially those indulged infrastructure projects.During the past years we were and stilldealing all kinds trade contracting projects, can offer our endless support ….
Address:Giree Basi
My company established in 2003 as trading company to provideChemicals for labs in university of Mosul and pharmaceutical raw materials for drugs nenava company. So know we search aboutMany kinds of chemicals; pharmaceuticals to make a contracts..
al rayhana center
Our company specialist in internet service and personal computer supplyingOur company is estiblished in 2007 and we want to work in personal computers hardware, prepheralls and accessories we are in erbil with its part of Iraq.
Serdem Technologies
We set up computer systems and complete Network design for your business. Affordable price on Computer hardware Software. Expert Technical support both pre-sale post-sale. All types of peripherals. Specializes in the creation web applications that allow company to interact with clients a faster more ….
Address:109 Handren
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