Based in Luxembourg, Crossroads has been established 2004.A young and vital company with a management 20 years of experience the metals, Ferro-alloys chemicals business.Besides commercial technical knowledge, we also have strong logistics experience. Our mission is to become long term partner both ….
Address:9 Route Des Trois Cantons
Union International Consulting
Since launching in 1991, company's traditional services were (and are) : 1. Establishing of business: - Luxembourg: Supporting clients establishing a business Common commercial companies (S. A., Sarl) ; specific advice on Luxembourg Holding Companies: Evaluating client's position and, if ….
Address:5, rue Comte d'Autel
Vetedy Luxembourg SA
We are looking for solid wood flooring & decking in tropical harwoods. We do import from Asia, South America and Africa. We do are interesed for regular suplling for long term partneship. Actually are selling all over the world.
Address:39 Route D'arlon
Leopard by BS
Designer brand..
Address:B. P 13
Transcom Worldwide SA
Transcom are Europe's largest outsourced CRM and credit management provider. We located in 28 markets employing 13, 000 staff. provides customer service, telemarketing services to more than 120 globally known brand name clients. ….
Address:World Trade Center
AriNord food industry handling and distribution
Our prices are usually very competitive as we ship directly from the manufacturer / factory and manage considerable higher volumes which provide us a major edge. For more details check by arinord euWheat flourRefined Sunflower oilIndustrial Milk powderSesame Oil,Olive oilMilk powder in cans Canned ….
Petrochem Services
Chemical Trading Company established in 1985, supplying Base Chemicals, Constrution Chemicals, Additives, Silicone emulsions and Plastics..
Address:Route Du Vin 79
WIR-TEC s.a.r.l.
Small import company. Distributor and retailer. Webshop. Tailored product finder / research. We do active producthunting worldwide. When we find a specific that like, put it on the European market. Due to regulated market (eu) only buy products is certified according regulations. CE, en71, rtted, emc. If ….
Address:36 Neie Wee
Strazer Invest
We are based in Luxembourg and have a large worldwide network of well developed contacts with many multinational clients. Direct links to both Buyers and Sellers all of whom are of proven pedigree. We will deal only with Sellers/Buyers or their mandated agents.
Address:97 Val Ste. Croix
We're a Seller Team, with company based in Luxembourg. organizing business for others companies. Depending of type, products and quantities, we work France, or Switzerland European business.We distribute some lines, brands. But we're able to expand our catalog as large you can buy!Don't ….
Address:Rue Fort Elisabeth,21
Septaberg Sarl
Producer and distributor of high pressure gas cylinders and related equipment for medical, special and technical gases [oxygen,argon, nitrogen, helium]. HP compressors and waterjet spares and consummables.
Address:8 Rue De La Platinerie
We are a Luxembourg-based S. A. which works with direct sellers of cement, clinkers, bitumen, urea, Sugar, palm oil, manganese ore, iron ore and others. The minimum quantity is 12, 500 mt all ourProducts delivered on CIF-basis. Feel free to contact us for full information receive ourStandard LOI / ICPO ….
Address:43, Rue Glesener
We are a network of satellite operators located across all continents. operate mainly through SES ASTRA in Europe, AMERICOM North America and NEW SKIES Africa, South America, the Middle East parts Asia. also hold strategic participations SIRIUS, QuetzSat, Ciel Star One, as well number service provision ….
Address:Chateau De Betzdorf
Engineering company providng components and systems solutions to auto, aerospace other industries. Provide battery for electric hybrid vehicles solar systemsOver 20 year experience in the automotive industry. International partners Europe such as TNO, Vito, TLT, BMW partneships with world renowned ….
Address:2a Rue Schmitz
Home Technology
Full control over lighting, heating, sound, video, motorised curtains / blinds, gass fireplaces and moreThe ability to create your own scenarios, macros timer functions, within seconds. Overview devices. For example, the ambient temperatures or whether devices are switched on off. Simple Messaging ….
Address:15 Bd Roosevelt
Mglobal S.A.R.L
Our company belongs to a group of companies with more than 50 years in the market. We offer worldwide service local production for those European that produce Asia, Turkey, North Africa, South America and Eastern Europe. can supply vendors required woven labels, price tickets other products, assuring ….
Address:43, Route D'arlon
Pan Eurpean Services
We are a Luxembourg based company that mainly acts as go-between and an agent for different foreign companies multinationals have their activities in the construction distribution business. also highly specialised urgent transport of delicate products. ….
Address:Huewelerstrooss 27
Weis - Services Sarl
Weis-Services is located in Luxembourg and composed by engineers specialized the plastic industries. Therefore we are collaborating with several manufacturers Europe. Parallely, to this assistance for customers, have developped years ago an additional service regarding recycled materials. Due our ….
Address:104, Rue Du Kiem
Vision UPS Systems
Vision UPS systems is an important UPS On Line manufacturer - with 2 years warranty products, 45 partners worldwide and 15 years experience, vision UPS systems is always on your side, to provide you the right product and a 100% after sales service..
Address:Maison 28
Looking for 7 or 8 piece baby clothing sets-sleepsuit, hat, bib, socks, vest, tshirt, mittens, etc. 25o pieces in pink, 250 blue, 100% cotton material. If you can help, please contact me. Items required with labels attached and only plastic bag packaging. ….
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