Ravolis srl
“Ravolis” SRL is a worldwide wholesaler of sunflower seeds various types. The company was founded in 2009 and has an award winning team specializing primarily the oilseeds market. Our company’s main objectives are to become reliable partner field offer superior quality products meet our ….
Address:Strada Igor Vieru 4
My company is leading of importing different models complete bicycles,SCOOTERS,MOTORCYCLE AND baby tricycles from mainland china and taiwan. We need cheap price but good quality. New are always accepted. If you manufacturer do hot hesistate to contact me anytime. ….
Tvoi-Postavshik.RU ("Your Supplier") Consulting Agency
Our agency's main specialization is a professional search of manufacturers & suppliers worldwide and providing their contact information to our customers in Russia countries CIS. Alibaba. com an essential tool for us work. Also, we promote production Russian CIS companies on foreign markets ….
Address:Uzinelor Str, 11
Sarco-service Ltd
August 29,2001 is considered the company-s foundation date when it turned up in market under name SARCO-Service Ltd. Which proved to be lucky. The ambitious young specialists, leaders of company, unmistakably determined manufacture light-weight metal building systems, manufacture/import ….
Address:Str. Gagarin 13 A
Bioproduct Group LTD
The company “Bioproduct Group” Co Ltd is present on the local market since 1997. We are specialized in processing, producing and marketing numerous raw material, including medicinal plants, spices, natural tea ingredients as well dried fruits (Dried Plums, Apples, Quince etc). manufacturing ….
Address:5, Mesterul Manole str.
We offer high quality services in mould making industry. do all the entire process from part design till production and packaging. Mouldmaking is our speciality! Visit site for more information! Hello, we are a group of Companies Republic MOLDOVA (Eastern Europe-former USSR) . looking collaboration in: - ….
Address:Str. DownStreet 45
Xan S. R. L.
We are trading company based in Rep. Moldova, Eastern Europe. Looking permanently for Agrochemicals, Home apliances, electrical products (Lamps, bulbs, sokets, circuit brakers, electrical wire, etc) ..
Address:G. Alexandrescu Nr. 5
Main our destination is to create brands of wine. If you want to sell wine in your country, we will prepare design of labels, buttles and so on. We provide you the product you like-Moldavian wine..
Address:11, Isnovat Str.
condiprod-com srl
We are in the city of kishinev (republic moldova) and we are engaged in sale and packing of spices, food additives and nuts. We are one of large importers of spices and seasonings. Our production uses huge demand in the market of moldova..
Address:Varnitsa 14/1
Our company is "Compsistem" SRLWe sell computers, accessories, peripheral and web equipment in retail and wholesale. We have worked from 2003 year on the local market and we want to extend our service range by selling licensed software..
Address:Of.307, Negruzzi 2 (hotel
Vagamex SRL
Fruits end vegetables pulp (packing: in to aseptic bags 200-230 KG) : - Peach pulp brix 12% -Cherry pulp brix 10% - Carrots pulp brix 7% -Pumpkin pulp brix 5% PASTES: - Plum paste brix 56% -Apple paste brix 32-36%(packing: in to aseptic bags 200-230 KG).
Address:Grenoble 165 / 1-36
Zilant S. A.
no profile.
Address:Moscow Av.,21
Saltele Ortopedice LTD
Saltele Ortopedice Moldova, are ca scop producerea saltelelor de calitate pe teritoriul Republicii Moldova. Saltelele noastre pot fi executate fie din arcuri paralon. Suntem mereu in pas cu ultimile tendinte, si ultima perioada am inceput saltele memory. respecta toate conditiile igienic sanitare ….
Address:Alexandru cel Bun 7
Prometeu-T S. A.
"Prometeu-T" S. A. Is moldavian exporter of kernel walnuts and beans. It is located in Chisinau (Kishinev) , capital Republic Moldova. Moldova has favorable climate soils for growing perennial annual plants. Moldavian are light color (from golden to brown) have good taste. Walnuts fast gained ….
Address:33 Petricani Str.
Tiaxim Group Ltd
First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Alexander Tiucov. I am a director Tiaxim Grup SRL, which are an importer and distributor food/nonfood products on the market Moldova. At present successfully cooperates with number companies from Spain, Ceylon, India, China Thailand. The range business ….
Address:Str. Paris 53 / 1
"PR-Industrial" SRL
Address:Muncesti, 79
ALTAL Grup specializes in design, project management, sale and installation of Solar Heaters, Ground Heat Pumps, Panels, Wind Turbine, CCTV, access system. Our mission is to provide quality system solutions for our customers. We services a wide variety clients changing environments. portfolio work ….
Address:27 / 1 Dimo Str
Address:12 Ap. 19 I. Vieru Str.
6 YEARS SELLING MOBILE PHONES ON ALIBABA! ! From 2003 our company buying all brands off mobile phones: Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Motorola. . MP3, MP4 players USB disks and other electronics. Every year we are trying to improve service. Our buissnes partners customers comming firstWanted: ….
Address:Ismail 92/8
Simplextrans is rail forwarding/ transportation services in Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Poland, CIS countries, Europe, Asia, financial guarantee Ukraine.Simplextrans Ltd performs complete service on forwarding transit, export and import freight CIS, Europe third countries by rail, sea intermodal ….
Address:Albisoara 80/6
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