eustasio mp cardoso juliana
Address:rua s\n benfica
Angola Gems Agent
We do selling, rough diamonds to individually and company, who is welling to travel. No scam.
Address:8899 Dr Netto
Adelmar, Lda
Address:Bairro Da Luz
A company that sell goods that the market need as well as agencing..
Address:Nova Vida Street 21
Criacom Lda
Address:18 Rua Rainha Ginga 1 106
Classic Investment Angola
Address:Rua Principal De Golf,
soplast lda
Basically cements and PVC pipe manufacturing based in angola luanda.
Address:Rua Dominao
Lugingo International Lda
We are a company with only 2 years of life. Our objective is to buy and supply some products in our country. At this moment we located two provinces. Luanda the Capital Angola Uige. start telecommunications, buying supplying Mobile intend extend action for transports pertaining school productis, as well ….
Address:Rua Alberto Correia
We are a Portuguese company based in Portugal member of Eupopean Union with branchs in Angola..
Address:rua vereador ferrera da cruz
Address:1 Congo Street
angosag lda
Address:rua de sagres no 12-angola
andrade, Lda
Our companhie it just start two mouth ago. It is located in Angola-Africa and has great potentiality bring good revenues the near future because country a process of reconstrutuion after 30 years civil war. Angola produties 1.5 million barrels petrol day together with other resources, local government ….
Address:Major Kahangulo 101 - 7 - 3.
Our company started oparetion about 1year ago, since then we have grown from general import of food items to exclusive distributor many fast saleing in the world today, are working with all big supermarkets as major suppliers foods and beaverages, also Diary foods. annual turn over is (USD. 1, 000, 000. 00) ….
Address:Rua Lino Amezaga 223